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Design and Fabrication

Copyright 2013 Melissa Ralston

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There are many reasons why artists do what they do - for me it’s simple:

I make art because it makes me happy.

As a young child, I remember declaring that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. 

I have dabbled in every medium imaginable and my career has been as varied as my interests. I have owned several small businesses including an apparel company, art gallery, and product design. I currently work as a free lance merchandiser, designer and visual artist.

I feel my art is easy to enjoy and simple to understand. I am intrigued with human spirituality and its deep connection in nature and reflect this universal relationship through my art. I especially enjoy creating pieces that have a specific purpose or end use in mind; therefore private commissions and site specific projects are favorites to design.

I am blessed to have grown up in a creative family which hold artists in the highest respect. I hope that my love for the creative process will be passed on to my beautiful daughter and that art enriches her life as much as it has mine.

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